Monday, August 25, 2008

F Cup Cookie

While picking up some beauty necessities at the drugstore "Watson" (the Walgreen equivalent in Taiwan) one day, I discovered a fun treat called "F cup cookie". The colorful box packaging was what first caught my busy eyes, besides that the product was also very prominently displayed on the store shelf. I couldn't really read the ingredients list nor any of the labeling on the box as it's all in Japanese. But that didn't stop me from purchasing it and tasting it at home. It comes in two flavors - regular or chocolate. I chose the later.

Well, they really do taste like your ordinary chocolate cookies, I say even better!

Later I had a friend translate the labeling on the box for me, and not surprisingly the cookies are made of the usual number of ingredients of normal cookies (wheat flour, cocoa powder, etc). But it also has an important ingredient "Pueraria mirifica", a plant which has been proven to be beneficial to women's body and health.

It's a bit pricier (at $23 per box) than the supermarket brands, but I figured I could use the extra help. You know what I mean :-)


Anonymous said...

hahahh the F-cup cookies are to make your boobs bigger!!!

I've always wondered if they worked LOL

At least we know they taste good!

let me know if they actually work...I might buy some too!

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

hahaha.. yeah at least they taste good! I'm curious too whether I'll see any significant changes. Hmm..