Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ganguro Spotlight: Diamond Strewn Strapless Mini Dress

Under the spotlight today is this Little Black Diamond Strew Strapless Mini Dress. I love the dotted sparkles against the basic black on this dress. The faux diamonds make the dress dazzle and make sure you're always under the spotlight whether it be on the dance floor or at a party! Strapless, with built-in bra, empire waist. The skirt is surpliced and crossed from under the bust to the hem. Very figure flattering! Click on photo to see more view.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Favorite Find: Eyeshadow Brush Magic Pen

If you're an eyeshadow fanatic like me and find it a challenge to keep the shadow brushes clean and organized in the makeup bag, this eyeshadow brush magic pen is the answer! The pen consists of 5 individual plastic enclosed brushes. The plastic case cover keeps the brush from getting dirty. And storage/organizing becomes an easy task when the brushes are put/connected one after another to form a pen. Clean the individual brushes like you normally do with other brushes to get repeated use :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Favorite Find: Star Multi Eyeshadow Brushes

Anyone out there who's reading this and also has trouble keeping their eyeshadow brushes clean and not cluttered with other things in the makeup bag? I'm an eye shadow fanatic and buy tons of shadow colors to try out. And this star-shaped multi eyeshadow brushes is just a life saver!

It helps keep the brushes organized and messy-free. Each brush is pushed back inside the yellow star for keeping if not in use, and you simply push it back out again when you want. (though you can't remove the brushes from the star) Clever huh? And you would wash & clean the brushes like you do with your other normal brushes in order to get repeated use.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Favorite Find: Glitzy Hair Ties

These glitzy hair ties are insanely gorgeous! Gotta love the contrast of smooth velvety texture and sparkling faux diamonds. The stretch/elasticity of these ties are superb and will last for much longer than the average hair accessories. At such affordable price, I snatched up 5 different designs (apple, heart, diamond, star 1, and star 2).

With buns being made into a Spring 09 trend at the just-closed New York Fashion Week, these glitzy hair ties are more the reason to celebrate the buns trend. I consider my investment paid off!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Toilet Restaurant

To Satisfy the inner child in me and just for the fun of it, hubby took me to this funky, super unconventional restaurant over the weekend - a toilet themed diner. Not only is the restaurant's name - which literately translates to "Toilet Restaurant" - quite eyepopping, everthing here from the decor to the serving plates and bowls are all reminders of that special room in our house.

All the seats are actual real toilets, but not functional of course! The dining table consists of a large clear glass over bathroom sinks. Shower curtains hung make for interesting decorations.

Our meals arrived on toilet-like plates!! Hahaha..

And the jumbo sized ice cream dessert!! Came served on the most old-fashioned toliet..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Favorite Find: Lavshuca Tulip Flower Eye Shadow Compact

I'd been in search of the perfect purple color eye shadow. And I think the search ended when I discovered this 4-tone purple shadow compact from Lavshuca, an offshoot of Kanebo Cosmetics.

The brilliant tulip/flower shape palette is just adorable! But more than anything else, the colors are vivid and saturated when applied, and are just what I'd been looking for in a perfect purple shade. The palette includes a deep violet (super for doing smoky eye effect), a shimmering lavender, a shinning purplish bronze, and lastly a glossy pale pink. The four different shades provides more than enough ways to do gorgeous purple eyes, from doll-like look to dramatic smoky eye look. Can't wait to get started with a makeover!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Shopping Complex Opens Door!

Yay!! The new shopping complex "Garden Square" has officially opened its door last weekend. Being the super shopaholic and now the investigative shopping reporter of Ganguro Fashion Blog :-), I took two visits to "Garden Square" on its opening weekend!

Rather than being built as a mega shopping mall, Garden Square is a smaller 2-story courtyard-style shopping complex that houses mini boutiques of all kinds and also a nice food court. Each mini boutique specializes in everthing from shoes, apparel, to intimate wear. The best part is that the average prices of the trendy apparels sold here are all under $35 US. So you now all know what's keeping me busy if I've not been blogging :-)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ganguro Spotlight: Chocolate Brownie Sporty Tube Dress & Shrug Set

Fall's arrival means a cardigan or a hoodie is essential if you're out partying or catching a movie. With this "Chocolate Brownie Sporty Tube Dress & Shrug 2-piece Set", there's no more fumbling through the closet looking to find a matchy cardi/jacket for your mini dress. Just put the tube mini dress on, throw on the matching cropped shrug, and a pair of knee-high boots, and you'd look fabulous to go!

The rich fudge/brownie color is perfect for the Indian Summer. Fabric is soft corduroy-like, and super stretchy. The fitted shrunken shrug keeps its sporty theme to it, as is the tube mini with "BOSTON" embroidered across the bust. A gorgeous set of 2-piece, and very flattering fit!

Click on photo above for more view.

Available now at Desperate for Fashion.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ganguro Spotlight: Black Lux Double Breasted Vest Dress

I wasn't particularly excited about "his vest" when over the Spring and Summer everyone else was taking from their men. But that could be because all I'd seen were the cropped versions worn over babydoll dresses, Ts & skinny jeans.

This "Black Lux Double Breasted Vest Dress" is a fabulous "stand-alone" piece! It's not at all too musculine, rather it's sexy and modern. It's a versatile piece for the weather now as you can either layer a tank/short sleeve underneath it, or with a long sleeve dress shirt/henley when it gets cool! A pair of black pump would up its gorgeous level even more!

Click on photo above for more view.

Available now at Desperate for Fashion.