Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Favorite Find: Star Multi Eyeshadow Brushes

Anyone out there who's reading this and also has trouble keeping their eyeshadow brushes clean and not cluttered with other things in the makeup bag? I'm an eye shadow fanatic and buy tons of shadow colors to try out. And this star-shaped multi eyeshadow brushes is just a life saver!

It helps keep the brushes organized and messy-free. Each brush is pushed back inside the yellow star for keeping if not in use, and you simply push it back out again when you want. (though you can't remove the brushes from the star) Clever huh? And you would wash & clean the brushes like you do with your other normal brushes in order to get repeated use.


getpalmd said...

I'm sad - is it really impossible to get the Milan Purple Cowl Draped Banded Hem Mini Sweater Dress in size medium? :(

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hi sweetie, unfortunately all the dresses are made into one-size only. I am really sorry .. I appreciate your interest! -didicubo