Monday, January 12, 2009

Warm and Hearty Brunch

While I feel lucky to be living in Taiwan where there seems to be endless choices/invention of Asian cuisines, drinks, and snacks. Occasionally I crave a hearty American style brunch. No, not breakfast at McDonalds!!! It's a cozy little cafe hubby recently discovered near our apartment. With a Starbucks-like interior, this cafe has an American-style toast, bagel, waffle brunch menu. And it's a more health-conscious menu than most in the US because each meal comes with a side of fresh fruits and veggies salad.

One of my favorite is the Waffle Breakfast:

Here's the pre-meal salad:

Yum.. scrambled eggs sprinkled with almond slices, crunchy and soft!:

Hmm.. pouring sweet honey over my waffle:

What a great way to start a beautiful Sunday!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eager for a New 09

Dear fellow fashionistas,

Gosh I'd been neglecting this blog for so long. Christmas 08 came and went, and it's been over a week since the New Year started. But I'm eager and anxious to be back in the world of mini dresses, and just fashion in general.

Long overdue, here's the New Year's Eve fireworks hubby and I went to:

On New Year's Eve, we drove an hour south to the biggest amusement park on the island and joined thousands for the coutdown. At midnight, firworks were lit from the huge ferris wheel. I must say it's not easy photographing fireworks, my wrist was sore from having to hold my Canon G7 above the crowd for more than 5 minutes. Too bad my camera didn't catch the one when all carts on the rim of the ferries wheel were lit in fire. It was spectacular!