Wednesday, August 19, 2009

THE Wedding Dress

I headed back to the bridal gown studio on Sunday and was determined to pick out my gown from the three finalists. I knew I had to make a decision fast to ensure that I have the gown I want for Guam. The studio's 100+ styles are rented out on a first- come-first-serve basis. I needed to act quick, or someone else can reserve the one I am about to pick.

My initial favorite was the first one, the simpler, grecian style gown. I happily tried it on again, but was feeling less excited when I looked at it in the mirror. I was surprised myself at my sudden change of feelings about it. I have no idea why it looked less impressive to me the second time around.

I put on the second choice, and was feeling better in it than the first choice. I had to give up on the 3rd choice because someone had reserved it for the days I'll need to take it with me to Guam. The 2ed choice is a nice, clean, shorter gown, but a gown with longer tail will probably be more suited for chapel wedding. So I asked to try on a few more new styles. I did remember to bring my camera with me this time so here're my two new favorites:

The lady assistant was very patient, very helpful.

This is one of 4 more gowns I tried on Sunday. All are longer styles.

Here's another.

Same gown as the one right above.
Ultimately I settled on the strapless, lace & beaded gown that you see of the 2ed photo of this post. What do ya'll say? Which one would be your favorite?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Typhoon Morakot

Exactly one week ago, I and many city residents ducked into the malls and movie theaters amid pouring rain brought on by Typhoon Morakot. Little did we know that the typhoon would leave a trail full of so much damage and casualty when it passed. The toll is Taiwan's heaviest in more than 50 years. Most of the damage was located in more remote, mountainous regions. Officals have put the toatl number of casualty at 500, with 120 confirmed death and 380 feared lost in mudslides. My prayers to all the families affected.

Dress: from our very own Ganguro Fashion Store
Dumpling Tote: local boutique
Ivory Wedge Sandals: gift from hubby
Necklaces: Mom's

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ruffles and Florals

Those harem pants are put away for now.....
Going back to dresses while Summer is still around.

Floral Chiffon Mini Dress: local boutique
White Layering Cami: local online store
Ivory Wedge Sandals: gift from hubby

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Shoulder Love

Outfit post at last! This is my weekend outfit for visits to bridal studios. Sorry you're seeing the same gray harem trousers again, but I totally love these right now! I tucked in the Black Diamond Sewn-on Tunic Mini Dress and wore it as a one shoulder top. How do you like the look?

Top (a tunic tucked in): local boutique
Gray Harem Trousers: local boutique
Ivory Wedge Sandals: gift from hubby

Countdown to Guam

Wedding Gown -
Thanks to all your comments and inputs on the wedding gown! It seems many of you are leaning towards the first choice for its sophisticated simplicity. I will go back to the bridal studio to try on all three gowns again and make a final decision. Whichever dress I pick will still need to be altered to fit me. I might take the opportunity to ask for other adjustments to the dress.

Flight, Wedding Date -
We will be leaving for Guam on Sep 05 if all goes according to plan. We will have the chapel wedding on Labor Day, Sep 07. So stay tuned for photos of Guam.

Bridal Hair & Makeup -
This is definitely the part I feel I'm most unprepared for. We will have a local stylist for the wedding, but our time with her before heading to the chapel will be short. I've been advised to bring photos of bridal hair and makeup looks I like with me to Guam. I am nearly clueless about what makeup look I want. I know I'd like my hair up, with lots of volume. Can any of you offer tips, or send me photos of bridal looks that you think would work for me?

Shoes -
I thought I am supposed to decide on the dress first before starting the hunt for a pair of matchy heels. I'm also clueless on the shoes. I think something that will give me at least a three-inches boost for sure.

Btw, here is a file photo of our chosen venue (click to enlarge):

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding Gown

Hubby and I are going to have a chapel wedding in Guam next month. I've been taking time planning lately, thus the lack of new posts up here. Over the weekend, we went searching for my wedding gown, amid a windy, rainy typhoon when most people chose to stay indoor. This being my frist time in a wedding gown, and my tendency to be overly picky with anything to do with clothing, I really hope to find a gown that will make me think "This is it! This is the one!". We visited 3 bridal studios and tried on 16 different gowns. And I've narrowed my choices to 3. Wish I hadn't forgotten to take photos myself trying on different gowns. Hmm.. but I'll still give you a glimps of the gowns by posting file photos from one of the bridal studioss' site. These are the list of final three: (What do you guys say? Which one should I take to Guam for my chapel wedding?)

Click on the photos for larger view of these three gowns.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Easy Breezy Crop Harem Pants

You may have noticed the quality of my recent photos haven't been as great. This is because recent photos were taken with my Canon G7, while previous outfit photos were shot with hubby's DSLR. I'm surprised at the difference in picture quality, but it may have been due to the different lighting at the time of photographing.

Anyway I've been crazy over these crop harem pants! They're just so comfy and look great with a bunch of tops I already have in my closet. Here's me on a quick run to the convenience store. Sorry for the blurry face in 2ed photo! More outfit posts to come... stay tuned.

Black V Neck Top: Banana Republic from years ago
White Lace Trim Cami: local boutique
Gray Crop Harem Pants: local boutique
Pink Dumpling Tote: local boutique
Indigo Denim Wedges: Sogo Department Store