Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Countdown to Guam

Wedding Gown -
Thanks to all your comments and inputs on the wedding gown! It seems many of you are leaning towards the first choice for its sophisticated simplicity. I will go back to the bridal studio to try on all three gowns again and make a final decision. Whichever dress I pick will still need to be altered to fit me. I might take the opportunity to ask for other adjustments to the dress.

Flight, Wedding Date -
We will be leaving for Guam on Sep 05 if all goes according to plan. We will have the chapel wedding on Labor Day, Sep 07. So stay tuned for photos of Guam.

Bridal Hair & Makeup -
This is definitely the part I feel I'm most unprepared for. We will have a local stylist for the wedding, but our time with her before heading to the chapel will be short. I've been advised to bring photos of bridal hair and makeup looks I like with me to Guam. I am nearly clueless about what makeup look I want. I know I'd like my hair up, with lots of volume. Can any of you offer tips, or send me photos of bridal looks that you think would work for me?

Shoes -
I thought I am supposed to decide on the dress first before starting the hunt for a pair of matchy heels. I'm also clueless on the shoes. I think something that will give me at least a three-inches boost for sure.

Btw, here is a file photo of our chosen venue (click to enlarge):

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