Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morimoto Bakery

Last night I stopped by the Morimoto Bakery at a local Capitan supermarket to pick up some bread for breakfast for this morning. Capitan supermarket is a Japanese/Taiwanese joint venture that owns urban medium-sized supermarkets throughout the island. Capitan supermarket is not only complete with a produce section, a deli, the dairy, etc, it also has a sushi-to-go section and a large area devoted to ready-to-eat foods such as curry, salads, roasted chicken, and much much more...just the thought of their hot foods section is enough to make me drool already..argh..

But most popular of all is their bakery shop - the Morimoto Bakery. I was there last night past 9 o'clock. But look at the long line at checkout! I love the breads here in Taiwan, they are more chewy, and come in more variety of flavors than in the States. I normally eat only bread and milk for breakfast 3 days a week. My diet now is so much different than while I was still living in the States, heathier I think. Capitan is just one of several places to get convenient, yet still heathy meals.

Capitan supermarket:

Morimoto Bakery inside Capitan supermarket:

A view of the Sushi section:
Here're what I got from Morimoto...arghh I'm hungry again.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ganguro Spotlight: Tomato Red Race Car Inspire Romper

Summer is near. And if you've got great legs, my advice is to show them! A romper can be a refreshing alternative to a mini dress. Among the many romper choices that I have been fortunate enough to come across, this "Tomato Red Race Car Inspire Romper" definitely stands out as unique & chic. The race car theme is especially creative, and the red hue gives it the extra energy - it's a very lively, very different outfit! Gold charm zipper zips at front down to the banded/elasticized waist. Cute kanga pockets. Pair with sandal heels for maximum gorgeousness!

Click on photo below for more view.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ganguro Find: Light Apricot Ruffles Cap Sleeve Top

One trend that has emerged this Spring season is the "ruffles". This "Light Apricot Ruffles Cap Sleeve Top" illustrates how layers of ruffles unexpectedly transforms an otherwise plain chiffon cap sleeve button down into a romantic & sophisticated piece. Back has no ruffles and is slightly sheer, so a light-color cami/tank is suggested underneath. The button-down style makes this top serious enough for work paired with a basic pencil skirt. For a more relaxed look, pair this with tan khaki cuffed shorts (or cutoff denim shorts).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sophisca: Candy for Your Eyes

I was strolling at a busy section of downtown when I stumbled upon a fun candy & gift shop, called "Sophisca". The store's all-pink decor, bright lights, and glass shelves full of sweets & gifts provide a really unique/pleasant atmosphere for shopping sweets and chocolates. It's easy to see why the store is constantly buzzing with giddy high school girls looking to find that perfect gift/sweets. Here're just a few of the coolest offerings in store:

Both my three and six year-old nephews were so blown away by the Marshmallow French Fries and the Band-Aid candies.

My three year-old nephew even thought I was giving him real fries from McDonald's until he tried one. Need a Band-Aid? I love the mint flavor! It has all the nutrition info on the back of the wrapping, too. And here's the perfect grown-up gift. My favorite flavor, chocolate! Tagline on the box says "cholocate is better than sex", huh! And how about a lunch box full of sushi shaped candies? The cool thing is you can eat these candies with chopsticks!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ganguro Find: Spring Floral Chiffon Mini Dress

This airy, gorgeous floral mini dress is sure to wow him on a date! Floral is a Spring staple, and combined with chiffon, some ruffles creates the most romantic, most feminine piece. Dress is a babydoll style, with red florals set against muave backdrop. Beautiful ruffles - this season's hottest trend - is seen at the deep neckline and tiered skirt hem. A cami/tank is suggested for layering under the dress.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ganguro Find: Powder Pink Dumpling Satchel

If there's one accessory that you should never leave home without this Spring(besides the cell phone), it has to be this "Powder Pink Dumpling Satchel". Pink is the hottest hue this Spring season, and the feminine tone goes with just about any color wardrobe. (I know because I don't usually wear pink but carry pink handbags for a splash of color.) The gorgeous satchel is shaped like a dumpling as it has pleats right on the front (topped off with a girly bowtie) and has a wider top than bottom. Now this bag maybe doesn't fit an A4 size magazine, but it's roomy enough for tons of makeup and a little something else. It's made of sturdy patent leather, and comes with long shoulder straps for wearing over the shoulder if your hands are full. And at $29.99, who needs BagBorrowOrSteal!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ganguro Find: Almond Boho Chiffon Bubble Tunic

I've always loved fashion from the 70s era. And this "Almond Boho Chiffon Bubble Tunic" evokes just that hippie, romantic feeling with its airy chiffon and tier lace front. The gorgeous bubble poet sleeves and double-layer flare bodice would also work to hide those chubby arms/tummy. To achieve a modern-day hippie look or what I'd prefer to call bohemian sexy, layer a super mini denim skirt/shorts underneath this tunic. The key here is the denim mini skirt/shorts must be extremely short to create boho sexy. A few long necklaces and a pair of wooden sandals work to complete the look.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Partying on A Yacht: VIP only

When hubby suggested we celebrate his birthday by going clubbing on a yacht, I was so overjoyed with excitement. I thought here's my chance to show off my new ivory eyelet mini dress on the dance floor..ha! And plus I'd never partied on a yacht (or more accurately never been on a yacht) before, I thought this will be exciting!

The yacht party was an organized event and must be reserved days ahead. We arrived at Tansui Saturday evening and boarded the yacht by the river. Admission is $35 per person, cocktails are all free. And the DJ spun good tracks and hosted a great show. There must have been about a hundred party goers that night on the yacht. The riverside and yacht setting offered a different backdrop/mood for the party, unlike anything I've experienced in a regular club. It's definitely a memorable experience for me. Here're photos hubby snatched: