Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morimoto Bakery

Last night I stopped by the Morimoto Bakery at a local Capitan supermarket to pick up some bread for breakfast for this morning. Capitan supermarket is a Japanese/Taiwanese joint venture that owns urban medium-sized supermarkets throughout the island. Capitan supermarket is not only complete with a produce section, a deli, the dairy, etc, it also has a sushi-to-go section and a large area devoted to ready-to-eat foods such as curry, salads, roasted chicken, and much much more...just the thought of their hot foods section is enough to make me drool already..argh..

But most popular of all is their bakery shop - the Morimoto Bakery. I was there last night past 9 o'clock. But look at the long line at checkout! I love the breads here in Taiwan, they are more chewy, and come in more variety of flavors than in the States. I normally eat only bread and milk for breakfast 3 days a week. My diet now is so much different than while I was still living in the States, heathier I think. Capitan is just one of several places to get convenient, yet still heathy meals.

Capitan supermarket:

Morimoto Bakery inside Capitan supermarket:

A view of the Sushi section:
Here're what I got from Morimoto...arghh I'm hungry again.

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