Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ganguro Spotlight: Tomato Red Race Car Inspire Romper

Summer is near. And if you've got great legs, my advice is to show them! A romper can be a refreshing alternative to a mini dress. Among the many romper choices that I have been fortunate enough to come across, this "Tomato Red Race Car Inspire Romper" definitely stands out as unique & chic. The race car theme is especially creative, and the red hue gives it the extra energy - it's a very lively, very different outfit! Gold charm zipper zips at front down to the banded/elasticized waist. Cute kanga pockets. Pair with sandal heels for maximum gorgeousness!

Click on photo below for more view.


HimeHood said...

i love the romper/playsuit style! very cute with the race car theme!

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hello HimeHood, I love the style, too! Which is why I wanted to share it on the blog with all of you. Thanks!