Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding Gown

Hubby and I are going to have a chapel wedding in Guam next month. I've been taking time planning lately, thus the lack of new posts up here. Over the weekend, we went searching for my wedding gown, amid a windy, rainy typhoon when most people chose to stay indoor. This being my frist time in a wedding gown, and my tendency to be overly picky with anything to do with clothing, I really hope to find a gown that will make me think "This is it! This is the one!". We visited 3 bridal studios and tried on 16 different gowns. And I've narrowed my choices to 3. Wish I hadn't forgotten to take photos myself trying on different gowns. Hmm.. but I'll still give you a glimps of the gowns by posting file photos from one of the bridal studioss' site. These are the list of final three: (What do you guys say? Which one should I take to Guam for my chapel wedding?)

Click on the photos for larger view of these three gowns.


AnnaCleo said...

so lucky ! congrats ^___^

i like them all !~ so i guess i'm not sure~ :3
the 1st one is very pretty but could have more stuff
2nd is very glam looking ^-^
and the 3rd one is like flowers are floating around you, cos of the lace ^u^

....they're all too gorgeous!

kalai said...

congrats on the wedding^^
all 3 are so beautiful.. i really like the top detail of the first one~ but i like big dresses too XD i dont know.. they're all so pretty^^ xox

Anonymous said...

congradulation! the first one is really nice

Anonymous said...

wow. congrats and i wish you two the best of luck and happiness.

ummm...the 2nd dress looks too busy for me..the first one looks nice for it's simplicity and the 3rd looks lovely for it's flower-like attributes. it depends what kind of jewelery and accessories you're going to wear. with the dress.

Anonymous said...

All three are beautiful. Looking
and deciding ... i'll say... the first one...:D i want to see some picture afterward... and the cake... will there be one???

Geng Mei Li said...

for me, the second one isn't very pretty.. The first one, i love! and the third, but it's all up to you! ^'^

marikris said...

LOVE the 2nd one. It's very 20s-30s Hollywood Glam. Congratulations on your nuptials. And let us know which dress you pick out :)

Did I say how awesome the second dress is lol!

Emily said...

All three are beautiful.