Monday, January 12, 2009

Warm and Hearty Brunch

While I feel lucky to be living in Taiwan where there seems to be endless choices/invention of Asian cuisines, drinks, and snacks. Occasionally I crave a hearty American style brunch. No, not breakfast at McDonalds!!! It's a cozy little cafe hubby recently discovered near our apartment. With a Starbucks-like interior, this cafe has an American-style toast, bagel, waffle brunch menu. And it's a more health-conscious menu than most in the US because each meal comes with a side of fresh fruits and veggies salad.

One of my favorite is the Waffle Breakfast:

Here's the pre-meal salad:

Yum.. scrambled eggs sprinkled with almond slices, crunchy and soft!:

Hmm.. pouring sweet honey over my waffle:

What a great way to start a beautiful Sunday!

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