Friday, September 5, 2008

Ganguro Spotlight: Chocolate Brownie Sporty Tube Dress & Shrug Set

Fall's arrival means a cardigan or a hoodie is essential if you're out partying or catching a movie. With this "Chocolate Brownie Sporty Tube Dress & Shrug 2-piece Set", there's no more fumbling through the closet looking to find a matchy cardi/jacket for your mini dress. Just put the tube mini dress on, throw on the matching cropped shrug, and a pair of knee-high boots, and you'd look fabulous to go!

The rich fudge/brownie color is perfect for the Indian Summer. Fabric is soft corduroy-like, and super stretchy. The fitted shrunken shrug keeps its sporty theme to it, as is the tube mini with "BOSTON" embroidered across the bust. A gorgeous set of 2-piece, and very flattering fit!

Click on photo above for more view.

Available now at Desperate for Fashion.

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