Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fresh Fields Hotel Wedding Photo Shoot

Hubby's work (he's a professional photographer) brought us to the Fresh Fields Hotel this weekend. The greenly hotel is situated on a suburban hill just 15 min away. It's the city's only 5 star hotel to be located on a mountainous hill, so naturally it's known for the spactacular view it possesses. The scenery from up here is a mixture of the hill's green and a bird's eye view of part of the city and its main highways. THE perfect hotel to have an elegant beautiful wedding!

A view of the hotel's outdoor wedding venue:

Amanda and AJ, our bride and groom of the day:


Anonymous said...

WOW they look STUNNING! Her wedding dress is SO Beautiful!!!!

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hi Sarah, Amanda and AJ's wedding this past weekend was my favorite wedding by far! They even had a spactacular firework show at the outdoor venue as guests were enjoying desserts and cocktail after the more formal wedding banquet that evening. Amanda was so pretty and she had on 4 different gowns that day!