Monday, December 1, 2008

Accessorize You Mini Dresses

Fellow fashionistas,

Hope you all had a nice and rested Thanksgiving weekend. Before you embark on your Cyber Monday shopping adventure, I'd like to point you to a chic popular UK-based accessory shop - "Accessorize". (I stumbled upon an Accessorize store location here in Taiwan as I did my weekend shopping & finding - not related to the holidays, but more of a personal ritual, lol.) The chain's window display of handbags full of ethnic boho chic caught my attention. I went in and was instantly charmed by the many Indian-inspired long drop earrings and its selections of dazzling sequined, beaded cocktail-party purses and clutches.

My favorite in the store was the "Light Torquoise Multi Skinny Bangles". It's not shown on the chain's UK site, but is available at both its Japan and Taiwan sites. US and Canadian fashionistas sadly are not able to access the ethnic charm of Accessorize at this time, but hopefully they're working on this.

Accessorize UK
Accessorize Japan
Accessorize Taiwan

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