Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sophisca: Candy for Your Eyes

I was strolling at a busy section of downtown when I stumbled upon a fun candy & gift shop, called "Sophisca". The store's all-pink decor, bright lights, and glass shelves full of sweets & gifts provide a really unique/pleasant atmosphere for shopping sweets and chocolates. It's easy to see why the store is constantly buzzing with giddy high school girls looking to find that perfect gift/sweets. Here're just a few of the coolest offerings in store:

Both my three and six year-old nephews were so blown away by the Marshmallow French Fries and the Band-Aid candies.

My three year-old nephew even thought I was giving him real fries from McDonald's until he tried one. Need a Band-Aid? I love the mint flavor! It has all the nutrition info on the back of the wrapping, too. And here's the perfect grown-up gift. My favorite flavor, chocolate! Tagline on the box says "cholocate is better than sex", huh! And how about a lunch box full of sushi shaped candies? The cool thing is you can eat these candies with chopsticks!!


HO THI said...

^^ so cute , I like candy bento. Do you sell ? I want to buy it . How to buy ?

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hi Ho Thi, I don't sell these candies. I just thought I'd share photos of these unique items. Thank you for stopping by!