Thursday, May 14, 2009

Japanese Kawaii Stationary

My friend whose family runs a toy & stationary store gave me these super cute/creative/kawaii/..(dunno if there's a word for them) gifts!! You wouldn't believe what some of these cute things actually are!! I'm addicted to these wacky, strange stationaries now, I think I need to go shopping for some more this weekend.

Put some clothes on your key before you leave house with these cute key covers. They are made of rubber, with tiny openings at the sides so that you can insert your key in it:
Hungry, yes? Chocolate covered waffle cookie! No, it's a fluid corrector!!
Delish cake-shaped candles! Makes for nice B Day presents, too! Hope they smell as nice as they look.
And don't swallow these vitamin pills just yet... they are erasers!!


Michelle Yue said...

omg the japanese are so genius

Diane said...

hey there! I actually didn't go to Chinatown yet. It was blazing cold that day but I am planning on this weekend. Thanks for answering my question!

AnnaCleo said...

wwAooo, ! >3< those are SO cool!

poly said...

I liked this blog!!

Kawaii Store said...

Love this! Great article, love your blog!