Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jolin Concert + Cow Parade in My Neighborhood

Hubby armed with his DSLR, and I with my Canon G7 went to the free outdoor Jolin concert at the nearby Citizen Square on Saturday. (For those who don't know, Jolin is probably THE hottest pop songtress in Taiwan.) In fact, this was my first concert in Taiwan! I'd never been into Mandarin pop much. But hubby is a fan of Jolin. She is his favorite when he goes to KTVs. I enjoyed the show very much because I was with hubby LOL.

We got to the concert venue late in the afternoon, 2 hours in advance. Hubby wanted to claim a good spot at the park so that he can capture photos from a good angle. But I got hungry while waiting so we ended up waiting at a long line to get Indian food from a vendor. We weren't able to get really close to the stage by the time we finished our food.

I also took time to take photos of the concert venue and its surrounding area while waiting for the show to begin.

A view of the concert stage from afar:
The stage just prior to the show:
The media: At one of the sponsor tents, hot young show girls show off Yamaha's new scooters:
Jolin finally opened the show at around 7 in the evening. This is Jolin singing and sitting on a butterfly theme chair in mid-air. She would be shuttled by the chair from one end of the stage to the other in mid-air. Hmm..not very impressed with her shoes in this photo though.
She's wearing a gold shimmering bubble cape mini dress at the opening of the show:
And some photos of the cow parade which recently just moved into our city from a finished tour in Taipei. These cows are adjacent to the Citizen Square right by a shopping center.
Food porn!!! Hubby took me to TGI Friday's on Mother's Day.

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what a fun neighborhood to be in!