Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going Casual Romantic + Cheap Eats

Muave Pink Butterfly Sleeeves Top: local Korean boutique
Black Nautical Short Shorts: my very own "Ganguro Fashion Store"

This was my dinner outfit this weekend to a BBQ restaurant. I was looking for something fun, more dramatic, yet still feminine when I purchased this butterfly sleeves top. denim shorts probably would work better with this top than these black ones...I'll just have to experiment.

We went to this small, very modest BBQ restaurant. Their small menu consists of a number of set meals. Your choice of meat always comes served on this big plate, with egg covered white rice, stir fried cabbage, a side of potato salad, and dipping sauce for the BBQ meat. And all this for less than USD$3!!! No wonder the place is always packed with students from nearby university.

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