Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jenny in Town

This past Thursday was the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, which is celebrated by the Taiwanese. Everyone got a 4-day long weekend off. Jenny, one of a few high school friends I still keep in touch came into town to visit. For two days, hubby was nice enough to drive us around and took us sightseeing around the city. The weather was soooo unbearably hot over the weekend, which is the norm for this time of year. But it was nice hosting Jenny and seeing areas of the city that I've not been to.

The Harajuku of Taiwan:I-Chung Street! Have you seen this many people on the street!!
I-Chung Street is packed with street snacks popular with the young crowd. My favorite is a whole baked potato w/ meat (vegie) of your choice topped with melted cheese!! Yum!
We also toured Brand's museum (Brand's as in Brand's Chicken Essence). They've got a pretty huge factory here.. hmmm looks like their chicken essence is in demand here because people over here work very hard.
We chilled with some bubble tea at a tea house just before Jenny took off by high speed rail.
Here's a quick snap of my outfit in the lady's room at a deparment store. Sorry for the covered face. (I'm really not good at taking photos of myself.) I promise to do better next time ^^

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time~! (^___^) The food looks so yummy too~

& I love your outfit, you look super-cute <3