Thursday, July 2, 2009

More outfit posts + dim sum

Hi ya'll! Just wanna say that I plan on writing more outfit posts up here. I got lots of outfit ideas in my head that I'd love to present to you here in the most enjoyable way possible (by that I meant "stylish, creaitve clothing" modeled by "me with clear skin helped by a proir good night sleep" photographed by my professional photographer hubby.) I'm not good with tripod or shooting myself in the mirror like most other bloggers are. So I much prefer a photo session with my hubby. As soon as he's got a bit more time, I'd ask him to take on the addtional workload of photopgraphing my outfit posts. So stay tuned...

Btw, hubby has brought up the idea of a honeymoon in Guam. I've never been to Guam and am wondering if any of you reading this is from there or had been to Guam. Please share if you know the must sees & dos in Guam, particularly any info regarding shopping in Guam. Do they have popular clothing chains such as BR, GAP, etc over in Guam like we have on the continent?

And you think I'd leave you with not a sinlgle photo? So not my style... Though be warned of some serious food porn..

Hubby took me out to lunch Saturday at a dim sum restaurant. It's been so long since I last had dim sum... hmmmm yum!

Shrimp Shaomai + Assorted Shaomai:
Cantonese Smoked Duck:
Steamed Spareribs:
Steamed Sweet Buns:
And a dim sum is not complete with some tea.
Hmm.. dim sum goes so well with tea.
Steamed Broccoli drizzled in oyester sauce:
The dim sum classic - Steamed Wrapped Shrimp:
Pork & Chives Shaomai:
Fried Taro:

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Aralka said...

Awwww so cool dishes. It makes me hungry haha :D