Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving + Shopping Diary

Just want to let all of you friends & followers know that my absence for the past 2 weeks has been due to my busy getting ready for chapel wedding and moving into a new place. Some of you may have already known from previous posts that I'll be going to Guam this weekend for a chapel wedding. It's honestly no fun at all with moving being so close to the wedding.

I have quite a few outfit photos that I should have posted, but are now still sitting on hubby's computer due to our moving. I'll get those posted as soon as time allows. Right now a little update on my recent guilty pleasures.

Gentleman hats are being popularized by all the Japanese fashion magazines. It's THE must-have accessory for Summer. I saw tons of gentleman hats in all sizes and fabrics at the night market, but I felt in love with this one when I tried it on. The color is neutral and will go with just about any color wardrobe, and I love love love the turquoise flower detail.

A nude/powder pink bandaged heels. Need I say more? Bandaged heels is a must this season. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of this in my future postings.

I hardly ever fall for a skirt, but this high-waisted circle skirt catches my eyes. Besides I can't go wrong with black, can I?

Hubby and I had steak Taiwanese style - steak on spaghetti noodles, with a "sunny side up". Steak sauce is served on the side. The steak tastes different from those in the States, but still tasty.


AnnaCleo said...

that's a gorgeous hat!
have fun in guam ^---^! and moving!

Tammi_LA said...

omg i am in love with your site!!!! love your style and makeup sense!!! can't wait to read more :D

Anonymous said...

keep on posting =)

Marta y Hiro said...

kawaii blog ^^

Marta y Hiro said...

kawaii blog ^^