Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Day at the Sun Moon Lake

For my birthday this year, hubby and I drove up to Sun Moon Lake for a little day trip. Hmm.. I think this was perhaps our first out-of-town trip since Guam. Wow, time really went by so fast!

Sun Moon Lake, together with the Taipei 101, and so many other popular destinations in Taiwain, ranks as one of the best known tourist spots, is a two-hour drive from our city. I still remember visiting this inland lake surrounded by mountains with my family when I was a little girl. We took a 30-min two way ferry to take in the beautiful mountain scenery at the lake. We also strolled along the lake and took pictures. But unfortunately we arrived too late to board the sky-booth for a bird's eye view of the moutain and the lake. Next time!

Hate that I look so bulky in the photos, but it was simplpy too chilly at the lake on that day.
Right before boarding the ferry.
The dock.
View of the lake from our ferry.
Sky booths

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You look beautiful, not bulky! Next time it is cold and you want to wear something different layer with one of my vintage will love them:

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