Friday, March 12, 2010

Convenience store mini haul

So I decided that I should try "My Beauty Diary" masks after reading rave reviews about it here on blogger. I know I'm really behind on this trend, considering "My Beauty Diary" masks have been on the market for quite a while and that these masks are produced here in Taiwan. Oh well..I guess I just haven't been studying up on the latest advances in skin care..just really lacking in skin care knowledge. While reading blooger posts about My Beauty Diary masks, I thought to myself these packaging looked so familiar so they have to be sold at major drugstore chains (LOL because makeup stuff is only other stuff I like to look at besides going to clothing stores...) WRONG! I could not find it at the largest drugstore chain on the island. Interestingly, My Beauty Diary masks are carried by the largest convenience store chain here. So instead of driving 10 min, I only had to walk 2 min down the block to the corner Seven-Eleven store. I picked up two just now. One is the "Platinum Nanocolloid Mask", the other is the "White Peony Tea Mask". Can't wait to try these two out!

"Platinum Nanocolloid Mask" on the right, "White Peony Tea Mask" on the left:
I also picked up a 6-pack si-wu drink from Seven-Eleven. This drink is specially formulated for young women, it is the concentrate of the Chinese herbs si-wu and usually with a bit of either papaya or cranberry mixed in. It is being advertised as providing iron and other nutrients to women, and if drinked after menstruation would aid in a woman's health and gives a rosy glow.
I picked out a few snakcs, too. This Bananna Cake was too cute! I had to get these for my nephews! My nephew loved how cute it looks also and couldn't wait to eat it!

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