Saturday, March 7, 2009

Night Market

Late last month, hubby took me on a trip north for a weekend getaway. This trip was my long-awaited holiday because hubby was so busy we had to skip doing anything for Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year. We wanted to visit Tan-Sui, the northern tip of Taiwan. On our way there, we stopped by the famous Shih-Lin night market - an ideal place for grabbing a bite to eat after driving almost 3 hours. Shih-Lin night market is the best known night market on the island of Taiwan, and it's THE place to sample real authentic Taiwanese snacks. The place houses many Taiwanese food/snacks vendors selling traditional staples as well as new inventions. Tourists from the US, Japan, and mailand China crowd the night market to get a taste of the real "Bubble Tea", "Stinky Tofu", and much more. I've had most of the snacks when I was young, but after being absent for so many years living in Chicago, I got to experience a few items for the first time like a tourist which is a lot of fun!

The vendors and the bustling crowd at Shih-Lin night market:
Super Large Fried Chicken Fillet, could be as big as 9 inches long!!
Deep Fried Bread:
Jumbo Grilled Sausage:
Tea stands like this one greet you at every corner of Shih-Lin market, if not at all streets of Taipei. A tea stand offers everything from Bubble Tea to a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.
A snap shot of the mass transit system in Taipei. The transit is the best way to get to Shih-Lin market, or any place in downtown Taipei.

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