Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sushi Express

When I was still a girl, Sushi just wasn't my favorite dish on our table no matter how hard my parents tried to convince me otherwise. Maybe it's because it's raw? Plus the taste of wasabi in your mounth is probably too overwhelming for a child.

During college I started to warm up to raw fish by taking on Terriyaki, Sushi, then finally Sashimi, and in the process discovered some excellent Japanese restaurants in Chicago. Ha.. just an example of how life-changing college was for me!! Sushi has been one of my favorite foods in the world ever since. And the restaurant chain "Sushi Express" here in Taiwan is simply Sushi heaven for me!

At Sushi Express, freshly made Sushi on small yellow plates are rotated around the Sushi bar on a moving belt. Delicious, ready to eat Sushi is only an arm's length away on the rotating belt for every customer. Menu, soy Sauce, wasabi, napkins, chopsticks, and tea bags are already all set on the table when a customer is seated. A tap (serving hot water) is also right there on the table for you to make yourself a cup of green tea. Each plate of Sushi costs 1USD, and the waiter only need to count the number of plates on your table to determine the check total. It's fast, delicious, and relatively cheaper than the Japanese restaurants in the States. Yum!

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