Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miramar Mall

Hubby had to photograph a wedding in Taipei this past weekend. So he brought me along for his trip so that we could enjoy some time together in Taipei after he finishes work. He worked all day Saturday and I was so happy when we finally could check into a motel and head out to dinner. On Sunday, we visited the Miramar Mall, which has this giant ferry ride on the top of the mall. Since opening, Miramar Mall has been the favorite dating spot for couples in Taipei because of the ferry ride. We both didn't feel particularly in the mood for shopping on that day so we had a little fun at the mall's arcade. Normally I'm not a video game person, but this arcade offers up many choices besides video games. Oh I love bowling! This is fun! Want an electronic horse ride? How about a little drum playing? Hubby's totally into violet gun shooting. And we sang karaoke in a private booth. With the touch of a few buttons, the KTV booth gives you and a friend enough space to rewind and relax for cheaper.

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