Monday, May 25, 2009

Hidden Boutiques & Shops

I came upon these two different stores while shopping for a pair of shorts for myself over the weekend. I couldn't resist taking photos of their store fronts! Both are examples of how scarce(expensive) the retail space is on the streets of Taiwan. The first is a tiny (barely there because it's so small) accessory shop nestled between two buildings. There looks to be a stairway that leads to a 2ed floor, which I think houses a hair salon. The space down those staircase is so tiny that only 3 or 4 people could remain inside at a time. But the store offers some of the prettiest selections of hair clips, necklaces, bracelets in the city though.

The second one was even easier to miss! I think I mistook the metal cage for a decor effect/decoration of some sort when I walked by several times in the past. The cage was right there on the pedestrian sidewalk, in front of a tea shop. Then out of nowhere, this girl emerged from a staircase beneath the metal cage. So I walked in the cage and down the staircase, and discovered a very cozy, very fashionable clothing boutique. The name of the boutique is "blush", the cage is there to draw you in, and the tea shop where the cage stood is appropriately named "ZOO".

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