Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shopping Diary: Peachy Pink Checker Ruffle Top

I thought I'd let you all in on the fun I have shopping in Taiwan. Going back a few years, Gap/Express/Banana Republic used to be where I satisfy my shopping cravings. But being an Asian girl, shopping in Taipei should be way more fun than the malls in the States, right? I'll attempt to blog more about the many fantastic boutiques and shops I go here, while at the same time trying not go broke..ha!

"Chocolate", conveniently located near hubby's work place, is a clothing boutique specializing in Korea imports. Here's a view of the strip mall nearby. This is one of my favorite areas of the city because of the strip mall.

The storefront with its display window: This is what I got a few weeks ago from there. A very romantic peachy pink checker ruffle top. "Chocolate" tend to stock very feminine, very girly, semi-formal pieces, mostly from Korea. I paired the top with a pair of denim short shorts from my own eBay store. I'm carrying a Powder Pink Bowtie Dumpling Tote. And you're not seeing my feet because I had on my flipflops coz I was intending to walk a lot and do some shopping - a pair of high heels/wedges would have been a better choice for my look.


Isabelle said...

I love that top! Really cute ♥

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hi Isablle, thanks for checking out my blog! Gosh for a while I was afraid that no one would be reading my blog.


Isabelle said...

No don't worry, I check your blog every two days or sometimes everyday! Keep up the good work~!

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hi ISabelle, I really appreciate your support. Thanks so much! -Cindy