Thursday, June 4, 2009

2000 Ebay Feedbacks Reached!

As I focus on the day to day webstore logistics from sourcing to shipping the clothes, the number of ebay feedbacks is often the furthest from my mind. But today marks the day my webstore garners its 2000th feeback rating...woohoo! It's not a big number, and it's quite a lot of work and time invested (alsmot 4 years now to be exact), patience, persistence, a few personal sacrifices here and there. Most importantly, without my fellow fashionistas I wouldn't be here. So thank you thank you to all who have shopped at "Ganguro Fashion Store"! Winly, Kathy, Aneta, Rony, Stephy, Vicki, Felix, Jerrilyn, Angela, Jennelyn, and many more (there's so many of you regulars so forgive me if I forget to mention you), thank you all so much for being the constant support and please leave a comment if you can to let me know you're reading this blog as well. You don't have to, but it would totally make my day!

Here's to 2000! And this is for ya all.


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Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hi Monica!! I also checked out your blog, love your style! Just wish I could read all your writing though. Girl, keep up the good work! -Cindy/Ganguro Fashion Blog