Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lunch Date with Hubby & Solo Mall Trip

Hubby and I did this Monday lunch date which is rare because he's too busy on most days. It's such a nice surprise considering I was given only 20 min to get ready and didn't know where we were headed until halfway there. He picked this popular Japanese restaurant that has been around some 20 years, that I've wanted to try and has been begging him to take me to.... he's so sweet! Well, here they are... be warned of some serious food spam LOL.

The restaurant entrance:
Just one of many fake foods greeting us at the display window next to the entrance:
Inside the restaurant, a small area for waiting customers:
The menu with 3D photos of exactly what you'd be getting:
Hubby ordered this set. The name of the fish I couln't say because I don't know the English name for it. Though it's one of my favorite fish dishes.
I had the miso glazed cod set.
Ordered a stir fried veggie, too.
One of the side dishes from our sets. I love that black stuff (beans?), they're said to be very healthy, too!
Hubby's fish:
My miso glazed cod:
After the meal, I took a solo trip to a mall nearby and hubby went home to his work.
The mall houses a bookstore I love because of its unique decor and shape. Notice how the bookshelves in the middle were circular. There're stairs that lead to different floors.
Here's SLY. I believe this is the only SLY location in the city.
This is a mall with thoughtfulness built-in. There're couches and places to sit wherever you go inside the mall.
I don't know why I was all excited the first time I realized I could also get Dunkin' Donuts in Taiwan. The mall location is the only Dunkin' Donuts store in the city. I had to get some.
Some of the offerings on this side of the Pacific are different from what I was used to in the US.
And finally...a quick snap of my outfit on this day.

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