Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shopping Diary: Muave Pink Butterfly Top + Earrings Haul

I've discovered a new favorite boutique. It's in the shopping center (near the night market) that I told you about a few posts earlier. The name is "ViVi". A few times I passed through this boutique, it looked too crowded with shoppers that I decided against going in there for the ladies' elbow war. Now that I've seen the cute stuff on their racks, I know I'll be back for sure. This is what I got: a muave pink geisha/butterfly sleeves top. I love the oversize butterfly sleeves, the nude shade, and how well it goes with a pair of denim jeans. I haven't worn this top yet, hence the lack of a photo to show you how feminine and romantic this top truely really is. But you'll see me in this top soon as I can't wait to put this on for a date with hubby.

I also ventured into the night market for a little treasure hunting. A low-price accessory store had these earrings on sale. Wow..on sale items at a low-price store... we're talking low low low pricing! I snatched 3 pairs which cost less than the 3+ hrs parking. Not too thrilled about paying for parking fees while shopping, but glad I did find something I like.

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AnnaCleo said...

wAo! very nice buys! >u< that top is so gorgeous ^-^