Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shopping Diary: Purple Cotton Tank + Violet Floral Fringe Shawl

The Jing-Ming shopping district, a 20-minute walk from our apartment, is one of my favorite areas of the city. I headed over there on Monday in search of a simple tank top that I desperately needed to match a violet floral shawl puchased just a day earlier. I also thought I'd surprise hubby on his way out of his work place because the office building he works at is across from where I'd be shopping ^^

As usual I made the rounds on my favorite boutiques there. I finally was able to find a purple cotton tank that I think quite matches the floral scarf. It's in another of my favorite store called "Uncle Sam". Uncle Sam specializes in American College/Teen style type of wear. A&E, Hollister, etc are just a few of the imported labels sold there.

I got this idea of an outfit consisted of a floral fringe shawl + a simple tank + capris from a television show. I totally digged the look as soon as I saw that look on TV, it made me want to copy the look. I'm happy that I have acquired all the pieces needed to achieve the look. I hope to present an outfit post on the look very soon! So stay tuned!

Uncle Sam
Super soft purple cotton tank
Violet Floral Fringe Shawl purchased earlier on
And I leave you with photos from our Sunday lunch at a steak house. Where's the steak, you ask. Well, I was too hungry to take a photo of it!! But the steak house offers a buffet style salad bar. Yum..

Noodle salad (topped with sliced cucumber & carrots, with ground peanuts & drizzled with peanut sauce):
Steamed buns:
Sesame steamed bun:
Rice congee - the traditional Chinese breakfast food. Served with a side of sliced sausages and a side of salted peanuts.


Aralka said...

Buns? So cuteeee
How to make them?

Ganguro Fashion Blog said...

Hi Aralka, I'm probably not the best person to answer that question. These buns you see are at a restaurant. But frozen buns can be purchased at many Asian grocery stores, you can reheat the buns in a steamer or in a microwave. Often they taste just as good as the ones my mom makes. BTW, I checked out your food blog, loved it! -Cindy