Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopping Diary + 3-inch Mini Burgers

Hello I'm back... to do a quick post on my most recent quilty pleasures.. and to keep you entertained until I find time to do more outfit posts :-)

This is one of my favorite areas to shop in the city. Photo captures only a corner of a street, which is actually part of a large night market. I often come here to scour the boutiques for trendy Korean, Taiwanese clothing for myself. Safe to say that I never leave empty handed.

These skinny capris fit me like a glove and are so comfy. The fit is actually like wearing crop leggings, only they're a thicker, super stretchy cotton fabric. I thought these would go with a few tunics already in my closet, and my gladiator heels. I can't go wrong with a black and a gray.

I love this strawberry with a hidden shopping bag! At first glance, it's just a big fabric strawberry shaped approx. 5" x 4" But after you loosen the drawstring on it, you can pull out a reusable nylon shopping/grocery bag. How clever and convenient is that! I'm going to keep it in my tote and bring it everywhere I go.

Every once in a while someone would invent a new street food and introduce it to the public at a night market in hopes of cashing it in. The latest comer to the night market : 3-inch mini burders. These are touted as the smallest burgers at 3 inches each...comes in several different flavors depending on the meat of your choice. I tried a chicken mini (can't remember the exact name), it was too much mayo though.

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