Wednesday, August 19, 2009

THE Wedding Dress

I headed back to the bridal gown studio on Sunday and was determined to pick out my gown from the three finalists. I knew I had to make a decision fast to ensure that I have the gown I want for Guam. The studio's 100+ styles are rented out on a first- come-first-serve basis. I needed to act quick, or someone else can reserve the one I am about to pick.

My initial favorite was the first one, the simpler, grecian style gown. I happily tried it on again, but was feeling less excited when I looked at it in the mirror. I was surprised myself at my sudden change of feelings about it. I have no idea why it looked less impressive to me the second time around.

I put on the second choice, and was feeling better in it than the first choice. I had to give up on the 3rd choice because someone had reserved it for the days I'll need to take it with me to Guam. The 2ed choice is a nice, clean, shorter gown, but a gown with longer tail will probably be more suited for chapel wedding. So I asked to try on a few more new styles. I did remember to bring my camera with me this time so here're my two new favorites:

The lady assistant was very patient, very helpful.

This is one of 4 more gowns I tried on Sunday. All are longer styles.

Here's another.

Same gown as the one right above.
Ultimately I settled on the strapless, lace & beaded gown that you see of the 2ed photo of this post. What do ya'll say? Which one would be your favorite?


AnnaCleo said...

ooh! i really like he one in the 2nd picture! i hope your wedding goes well! =3

Anonymous said...

WOW, how exciting!!! The dresses both look so pretty on you!

chiaki said...

this blog was very interesting :D
And I want almost all your clothes haha xD

TLT said...

Hi there! Just discovered your blog :) You look gorgeous in all three options!!! I'm following you now too :)